Aikido of Truckee

The way of Harmony with life-energy &

The non-violent resolution of conflict

True victory is self victory"..........This is the true spirit of Aikido

Our Annual Seminar with
Richard Strozzi Heckler Sensei
and Linda Holiday Sensei

Sept 26-28  2014

Check back in The Spring for sign up information

Seminar fees: 

  • Full seminar & Saturday's dinner: $175
  • Friday classes only: $40
  • Saturday classes only: $90
  • Sunday classes only $50
  • Saturday dinner $20
  • Our lodging is now full but there are many other accommodation options from motels, hotels and luxury resorts in Kings Beach and Incline Village.  We also recommend you look into the Hostel which is close to where most of us are staying.

Registration form:

Classes will be at  980 Incline Way, Incline Village & morning outdoor classes on SPEEDBOAT BEACH


2013 Class Schedule 

5pm-6:15pm at
Incline Village Rec center
at Incline Village Rec center

10:45-noon    at Incline Village Rec center
12:15-1:15pm   at Incline Village Rec center

7:30-8:30am   Weapons on the beach     (note - we flip flopped Sat & Sun am sessions)
Meditation on the beach

3:15 -4:15pm   at Incline Village Rec center
4:30-5:30pm   at Incline Village Rec center

7:30 pm Dinner - Bring your drink(s) of choice - Lakeview house.

Weapons  on the beach                                             
8:30-9:00am    Shin kokyu - on the beach

10:45 -11:45am  
at Incline Village Rec center
12:00-1:00pm   at Incline Village Rec center


Please bring tanto, bokken, jo & bo if you have them to all classes.

Questions? - email us, or call 530 320 3068

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